Stress Free Cloud Migration

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This book is designed to help you understand the process of moving applications and data to cloud infrastructure. Stress Free Cloud Migration contains proven tips, strategies and points to consider to help you draft a solid plan for your migrations.
Moving applications to the cloud can be a challenging undertaking with many moving parts and potential pitfalls. This book is the first book in a series of cloud migration books, and it is designed to help you mitigate common challenges and roadblocks that you may encounter during the beginning stages of the process and to give you best practices to help you accelerate your planning phase of the migration. From deciding if cloud technology is for you to moving forward with the various steps in the process, this book is designed to help you visualize the pros and cons, risks and useful tips that can be leveraged at each juncture of the planning process.

This book is designed to be a quick read and is best suited for:

-Individuals responsible for making the decision to move to cloud technology
-Individuals responsible for planning, implementing and managing a migration to the cloud
-Individuals that are new to cloud technology and want a good overview of the pros and cons
-Individuals working in a company that has recently moved to cloud technology and who would like to learn more about the process and potential changes and issues that might occur.

This book is for all who have recently transitioned or are about to transition to Cloud Technology or those seeking to implement a Cloud environment. In this book, you will learn best practices for the planning stages of the migration, potential risks to prepare for and ways to overcome common problems and challenges that may arise during a migration to the cloud so that you can craft a solid, stress free migration plan.

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